Monday, February 8, 2010

Shoveling Snow

Shoveling snow from my driveway, I realized something. It keeps coming back. It was one of those days where it snowed three inches, stopped, snowed three inches again, stopped, then snowed another three inches on top of that. The problem for my house is that if I left the snow on the driveway until it was all finished: a) it would be nine inches deep; and b) wherever we drove on it getting in and out of the garage, we would leave tracks of compacted snow, impossible to shovel and soon to become thin strips of ice down our driveway.
So I shoveled. Then I shoveled again. Then I shoveled again. The process, besides reminding my how out of shape I am, also reminded me of a spiritual truth. I need God constantly. Not that He is going to leave me; He has promised that He would not (Matthew 19:20). However, I need to be reminded of my constant need for Him. Even if I wasn’t a pastor, I would still want to be a part of a local church every week. Besides all the wonderful benefits of a church family, I receive a weekly affirmation that I need God. I need Him to shovel the driveway of my soul - some weeks I let way too much pile up. I need Him to prepare the way before me, to guide me, to protect me.
And I will need Him tomorrow, too. Even if it doesn’t snow.