Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fast Forward

I love time-lapse photography. These videos compress large amounts of time into a few seconds so that you can see things like a flower blooming or a tree growing that ordinarily happen so slowly we don't see the progress.

God's will can sometimes seem like that. Though we may not perceive it, God is always working. This Sunday we look at Mark 4:25-32 where Jesus uses two parables that teach an important truth: God always fulfills his purpose.

See you Sunday!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Did You Know

Did You Know Expo
Missions Celebration
Sunday, September 10

Don't miss this Sunday (Sept. 10) as we celebrate missions at NHBC. Both of our morning services will feature missions testimonies and a mission challenge from Jacob Franklin. Throughout the morning you will be able to view displays from mission opportunities such as Greene County Baptist Association, Lifebuilders Ministries, and Grand Oak Mission. The displays will also include information about World Vision, Extend Global, and Campers on Mission in addition to the International Mission Board, North American Mission Board and Missouri Baptist Convention.

Join us Sunday as we celebrate missions!