Monday, December 13, 2010


I love Christmas carols. One of my favorites, "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing", has an intriguing history. The song was written by Charles Wesley and published by George Whitefield, two men who disagreed at several points but agreed at the most important - that every person should hear the message of the Savior.

The song is sung to a tune originally composed to celebrate the work of Gutenberg, the inventor of movable type. He is probably best known for his publication of the scripture, often called Gutenberg's Bible. This publication allowed many to own a copy of the scripture who could not have afforded it in the days before Gutenberg's work.

Isn't it interesting that this song, written and published by two men who dedicated their lives to sharing God's word, sung to a tune about a man who's invention allowed millions to read God's word, is now sung the world over to remind us of the night when the angels announced that the Word of God had come into the world.

And I have told you this on the internet, an invention that allows anyone with a computer to share their testimony to the power of God's word with people around the globe. Amazing! Truly we have reason to celebrate this Christmas.