It's here, it's here! Today is the first day of Bible School!
Bible School is many times referred to as VBS....everyone else thinks that stands for Vacation Bible School; however, I know for me it stands for Very Blessed Season.
This season in our church's life is bathed in prayer, orchestrated by many volunteers, and is loved by parents, kids, and workers. What an awesome privilege to have the chance to share with all those kids, and be blessed ourselves beyond measure.
I have many memories of Bible School as a child. Of course, I didn't comprehend the many hours of preparation the teachers had invested--but I knew they would be there for us. The last I knew, my mom still has the marble paperweight I made one year, as well as the popsicle paper clip holder. I remember two cookies on a napkin, and a different color of Kool-Aid each day. I remember the pastor coming to our class to tell us the plan of salvation, and the missionary stories about such as William Carey, the Judsons and Lottie Moon. I remember the pledges to the flags and the Bible, lining up and filing into the auditorium each morning, and family nights. What a special time in my life each summer!
Bible School itself lasts only five short days. The preparations prior to Bible School involve hours and hours. The cleanup and follow up also involve lots of time.  But the EFFECT of Bible School will not fully be realized until eternity. THANK YOU to all those who took part----to Jan and Becky--our directors, to those who served as workers, who helped prepare and clean up, who faithfully prayed, who brought children, and most of all, to our Heavenly Father for allowing us the opportunity!!!