Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Make an Impact on Sunday, Sept. 26

We have our third Servant Sunday, September 26. We plan to take an army of folks to Watkins Elementary, our partner school, to paint and spruce up the grounds for the new school year. On Monday morning, September 27, Watkins students will walk in the door of their school and see a new, welcoming environment. They will wonder, “What happened here? Who did this for me and my friends?” Some of them have never experienced Christ’s love in their lives. They have been told again and again that no one cares about them. Monday, September 27, they will know differently. They will know the people of National Heights Baptist Church cared enough about them to make their school a better place to learn. More important, they will know that, even in the midst of the challenges they face in their homes and neighborhoods, God has not forgotten them. He loves them and cares for them. Your tangible expression of God’s love may very well be the starting point in directing children and families to the love of Christ. Join us Sunday, September 26 at Watkins to visibly express Christ to our community.

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