Monday, June 23, 2014

On Mission

In their publication Assisting You and Your Church to be Totally His, the International Mission Board offers suggestions on ways that everyone can be involved in sharing the Gospel of Christ with our world. Those suggestions include:

Embracing People Groups - of the 11,000 people groups identified in the world, the IMB estimates that 6405 of them have less than 2 percent of their population who are evangelical Christians. Approximately 3100 of these groups have no evangelical presence at all. Embracing one of these people groups means partnering with the IMB to develop strategies to reach them for Christ. You can find out more at

Prayer - pray specifically for people groups and those seeking to reach them. You can learn more by using the CompassionNet App available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Give to Make a Difference - giving generously through the Cooperative Program, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, the Annie Armstrong Mission Offering, and other mission giving opportunities allows missionaries to focus their energies on sharing Christ with those who do not know Him. You can find out more at

Meet Human Needs - Through caring for physical as well as spiritual needs, we follow the example of Jesus. You can find out ways to help at

Join the Journey - multiple opportunities exist for both short term and long term mission endeavors. Watch for opportunities here at NHBC, such as the GCBA Guadalajara Mission Trip each July, the Taiwan Mission Trip in the Summer of 2016, and local missions through our partnerships with Lifebuilders Ministries and Fremont School. You can also discover opportunities at

Find your place to be On Mission with Christ!

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