Monday, February 8, 2016

School Days

I love our Bible Study class. I love the people, the teacher, the discussion, the textbook, the laughter, the sharing of prayer requests and praises--but there's one thing I really DON'T like! It never lasts long enough. I feel like a sponge each week, soaking up the information from God's word, finding out more from the teacher's perspective and the thought-provoking discussions. I always leave feeling such thankfulness, but I want MORE!

And then I day, class will be in session for all eternity, as we sit at the feet of THE Teacher...the One Who knows it ALL, the One Who wrote the book. The characters we have studied will be in class with us. And there will be those same friends who I enjoy every Sunday morning...and we'll all be in class together again...laughing and sharing...and rejoicing. And because of what He did for me, when attendance is taken, I will be able to say, "Present!" Truly, what a day that will be!

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