Thursday, September 15, 2016

Different School, Same Facts

Our partner school is in their third building in as many years, due to construction. One building was in a totally different part of town, one was old-one is brand new. The square footage and layout of each building was vastly different. To some degree, the staff and students are different. However, through it all....nothing changed about the facts being taught and learned. Two plus two still equals four, they're still looking for 'X,' and the alphabet still has 26 letters.

Throughout our lives, we, too, are in different places....sometimes in familiar, comfortable surroundings where we feel confident. Sometimes in new and different spots where we lose our way and feel ill at ease. And sometimes, what we thought was for sure is taken away. Sometimes it feels like a different school everyday as we face new circumstances.

But nothing changes about the facts being taught. God is still on His throne, He is still faithful, He goes with us through every step and we won't face anything that doesn't go through Him. Different school, same fact....with Him not our partner, but our leader, provider and comforter. Sometimes the lesson has to be taught again...but our Teacher always has the right answers.

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