Monday, April 3, 2017


Some may remember Polaroid cameras. Snap a shot, the paper shoots out....and you wait. The image is there, but it has to develop to completion.

This example was used when discussing that an unborn child is immediately a person made in the image of God; however, not yet seen in entirety because he/she has to develop. Similarly, people all around us (including us) are in different stages of development in our Christian walks. We need to be compassionate, realizing that we ALL are being developed by our Creator. Just because we don't see the finished product, we know God will complete what He began (Philippians 1:6). None of us have arrived, we all are still working to be more like Him. We are all in this together and God intends for us to love each other as He loves us. Now THAT'S a beautiful picture. 

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