Thursday, August 31, 2017

Living the Dream

One year, for sixty-two minutes, I lived the dream. I was in show business. Not on the stage - way to many lines to memorize. Not in front of the camera - too much make up.

I was a spotlight operator.

I sat up in the balcony and illuminated the main actor with my spot (as they say in the biz). Without me, the stage would be a dark formless void. Without me the actors would be running into each other and falling over all the props. Without me, the show could not go on.

Light is important in more than just stage production. Light is essential to life. This is nowhere more true than in the light shining out from the gospel message of Jesus. This week, we will read the words of Christ where he calls for believers to turn up the wattage (Mark 4:21-23).

See you Sunday!

Hear this message at NHBC Media

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