Monday, April 13, 2009

Permanent Holiday

I always look forward to holidays. I suppose it goes back to my days in elementary school when we saw those golden words on the board - school holiday next week. I, along with every other student (and, I suspect, most of the teachers and administration), looked forward to time away from the work of school. The end of the holiday, however, brought a sense of resignation - back to the old grind. I always wished we could find a way to have a permanent holiday.

Easter makes for an exciting holiday. Families gather, attending worship services around the world, celebrating the Resurrection. Churches overflow with young and old hearing the exiting news "He Is Risen." (Mark 16:6). Every year, I think to myself, "Why can’t we have Easter every week?"

Then I remember - we do! Every Sunday when believers gather to worship, it is a celebration of the Risen Savior. That is the nature of the eternal life Jesus provides - it never ends! Join me in making every day a holiday. Celebrate the fact that "He Is Risen, Indeed!"

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