Monday, June 29, 2009


My dog doesn’t like fireworks, making the Fourth of July a bit of a problem. Actually, it’s not the fireworks that are the problem, it’s the noise that fireworks make. Thunder does the same thing. She is normally a fairly sedentary dog, spending the majority of her day asleep, or laying on the porch watching the world go by. The noise of a firecracker (or thunder, or a car backfiring) unleashes her inner Hulk. She runs around the yard barking, jumping on the fence, and generally doing her impersonation of Old Yeller at the end of the movie. I have to assure our neighbors that Billy doesn’t need to get his rifle; my dog has all her shots; it’s not rabies, she just has a noise phobia.

I’m afraid she will never quite understand the celebration of the Fourth of July. That’s because I, unfortunately, do not speak "dog." If I could, I could explain to her that the neighbors are only celebrating our nation’s independence, and it will all be over by midnight.

I have a feeling some folks are like that when it comes to Christ. They don’t understand what all the celebration is about, in fact, they don’t see the celebration at all. The good news is, we do speak "people." I pray daily to find more effective ways to let the world know why we celebrate, and what we celebrate in Christ. This week, celebrate Jesus, and tell someone why you did!

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