Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Is there anybody out there?

I have a feeling, the answer is yes. If you're like me, when it comes to blogs, you're a lurker. You're happy to read the latest update but you don't want to be the first to leave a comment.

I get it.

For some of you, this whole blog thing may be very new. Others of you may veterans of the blogosphere, but you're just not sure anyone else is really plugged in to this particular site. You're afraid you'll leave a comment and then...nothing...nada...crickets...

I know. I know.

But, this is a great place to expand the community of National Heights Baptist Church. And it was never intended to be a one-way conversation. We want to hear from you.

But, someone has got to go first.

That's why, I'm wiling to offer you a bribe. I'm giving away three of the books from my summer reading list and three $5 gift cards for Big Momma's Coffeehouse to the first three folks willing to comment on this post. My theory is that once a few people dip their toe in the blog water and leave a comment, others will be emboldened to take the plunge.

Here's what you can win.

The first person to comment gets a copy of "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. It's a great little book about God's crazy love for us. I'm about halfway through it and am really digging it. I am sure you'll love it too. You'll also get a $5 gift card for Big Mommas.

The second person to leave a comment gets a copy of "Don't Waste Your Life" by John Piper. I've been meaning to read this one for months. I hear it's a real kick ya in the pants, get you off the couch, motivate you to do something with your life kind of read. Just what I need in these lazy summer days. You can read it at Big Mommas while sipping on free coffee!

And just for fun, the third person to comment gets a copy of my book: "Graffiti: Learning to See the Art in Ourselves." I bet I can even get the author to sign it. I may even join you at Big Mommas for a free cup of joe (my favorite is the sweet momma sip).

So, leave us a comment and reap the rewards. You can tell us what's on your summer reading list, let others know about a ministry opportunity at NHBC, or just say hello to your church staff or fellow church members (they're lurking here too!). Others are waiting to follow your lead.

Ready. Set. Go!


  1. I LOVE BIG MAMMA'S!!!! and Erin! woo hoo!!(this is aly, by the way) haha, no, i guess that doesn't count, does it?
    i'm not really sure what to comment about though. ooh, ohh, idea! *lightbulb above my head* on sunday jason challeneged us to read a Chapter of Proverbs each day. i've done that once already, but i'm doing it again!! Proverbs is an awesome book that oozes wisdom! i've only read the 1st 2 chapters, b/c i just started Monday, but i had forgotten how awesome it is!! in the first chapter, i wanted to read even more of it!! but i also want to make it last a whole month :) so, that's my post!!

  2. Here's a comment from Hong Kong. We appreciate this blog as a way to stay connected to our family at NHBC. We also appreciate those of you who continue to remember us daily.

  3. Ya-hoo! I knew you were out there.

    Aly wins " Crazy Love" and a gift certificate to Big Mommas. Let's go together! And I am proud of you for faithfully reading God's Word. It is full of treasures.

    Jacob wins " Don't Waste Your Life" and a gift certificate to Big Mommas. I guess you will have to save it until your next visit home. I am happy to ship your goodies out to you. I will do so ASAP.

    There's still one more giveaway. Who will be the next to comment?


  4. Yes I am a "lurker"lol. I just checked in on the blog and was going to make three post and win all, but I guess its too late for that. I just like reading the blog (lurking) and so it reminds me about all the things going on at NHBC and of course pass it on to my friends and co-workers. Thats it for now.

  5. Hey Wayne. I just noticed your comment. You win a copy of my book and a gift certificate to Big Mommas. Mind telling me which Wayne you are (there are a few Waynes at NHBC) and I'll ship your winnings right out to you.

    Congrats on moving from a lurker to a poster...