Monday, August 10, 2009

School Days

I remember Mrs. Edler. She was my first grade teacher, for my first experience in public school. I was a kindergarten dropout - but that’s a completely different story. I remember the fear and anxiety of that first day of school. Actually, as I recall, my mother literally dragged me screaming down the sidewalk to the classroom. The screaming worked for kindergarten, but apparently wasn’t going to work in the first grade. My mother was going to make sure I attended school even if she had to attend it with me.

My anxiety was totally unfounded. Mrs. Edler opened my eyes to a whole new world of words and arithmetic. Who knew Jane and Dick could run so gracefully across the page, or that one plus one always equals two - every time. That first grade experience opened the doors of learning and opportunity - and we had recess!

Join me in praying for our teachers and administrators in school systems across America. They deserve our thanks and need our prayer support in this important endeavor. Remember, that screaming kid in the third row may be your pastor twenty years from now.

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