Thursday, February 26, 2015


Jerry was my friend. We did everything together, or at least that's what my mother told me. I was only four at the time. I vaguely remember going over to his house. I've seen photos of us at the local swimming pool, so we must have gone swimming. The only activity I remember was standing on the corner in front of Jerry's house waiting for the ice cream truck. We both bought ice cream sandwiches, which melted all over our clothes. I'm guessing our mothers were not too please about that, but we thought it was great. Everything stuck to us the rest of the day. It was like having an extra pocket.

I'm not sure what happened to Jerry. I haven't seen him since I was a kid. I hope his life turned out well. People come in and out of our lives. Some we will know only for a moment, some for decades. In this Sunday's message from John 15:11-13, I'll be sharing Jesus' statement describing how we can be a friend and how he is our greatest Friend.

Hope to see you (and a friend) Sunday!

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