Thursday, March 5, 2015


I'm having trouble with my reading glasses. My ophthalmologist recommended using a different power contact lens for each eye. That means my left eye can now see things that are close while my right eye can see things that are far away. Yes, that is confusing, especially when I get them reversed.

When everything is working, I can see fairly well, but I still use glasses to read. That creates a problem - my right eye needs a different strength of lens than my left eye. They don't sell the Walmart cheapies that way. Both lenses are the same power. That means I read the same way I see the rest of the day, with half of everything out of focus.

Focus is important, especially in prayer. Often events in life focus our prayers. The messages in March are from the Gospel of Luke about Jesus' actions and words on the cross. Jesus' first words from the cross were a prayer. What did Jesus ask in that moment on Calvary? Find out Sunday as we take a look at Luke 23:34, a passage that will help all of us focus our lives on what is important.

See you Sunday!


PS Remember, to set your clocks forward for this Sunday, March 8. Yes, it's already Daylight Savings Time. If you forget and come to the 8:30 service at 9:30, don't worry. Just come on in and join us for Bible Study - no one will ever know!

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