Monday, October 5, 2015

Appropriate Seasoning

Another season is upon us and some of us will moan the end of summer days, while others will rejoice at the thought of hoodies, all things pumpkin, and the beautiful, changing leaves. Still others have already begun the countdown to Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, and look forward to seeing a blanket of fresh snow. Others can’t wait for the cold to pass. However, through all of these, we see the hand of God. The bright sunshine, the colors of fall, and winter with its celebration of the birth of Christ. But before long, many will start the countdown to the next thing, whether the first day of Spring, the last day of school, or the first long weekend of summer. The Bible mentions seasons in numerous places, and it makes me wonder….did people in Bible times also look forward and have preferences for the different seasons?

One common theme in the Bible is that God created the seasons, and He created each of them with specific purposes. Similarly, we have different seasons of life…rejoicing, contentment, sorrow, puzzlement, discouragement, but all which can be times of growth. Just as each season has a purpose in nature, God can use each season of our lives to His glory, and to teach us more about Himself. The question is….will we let Him?

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