Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Closer than you think

One of my contacts was bothering me the other day. I knew I needed to get them out for awhile; however, me without some kind of vision assistance is a scary (literally) thing! You know those big letters at the top of the eye chart? I can see that they're THERE.....but to identify them....that's another thing. And so....I always keep a pair of glasses handy, just in case.

I thought I knew right where they were. I keep them in the car (or so I thought), because if I have an eye problem while I'm out somewhere (especially driving), you do NOT want me on the street with vision help. So, it made sense to have them at the ready in the car.

I went out to get them from the car. I looked right where I knew they were...no glasses. Then I looked in the second place, no glasses to be found. I searched my stashes in the house and came up empty handed. I checked our other vehicle...nothing. I went to bed 'blind,' and wondered where in the world they were, even though I was SURE I'd always kept them in the car.

The next morning, I knew I had to have some help, and so I prayed, "Lord, you know where they are. Please show me." I looked again in the car.....and there they were, right where they were supposed to be, right where I 'knew' they were. Why hadn't I seen them? Was it because I was hurrying, because I didn't look closely enough, or what?

I immediately thought how often we miss God and what He does for us. We look in all the wrong places, but He's right there, right where He said He'd be, He's at the ready to help me....but I look right over Him.  He says in His word, "I am with you always." As the song says, "Open my eyes, Lord, I want to see Jesus." It was a great reminder. My prayer was one of thanks for finding the glasses, and one of confession and recomitment to look for Him....right where He promised He would be.

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