Thursday, April 28, 2016

Win the Battle

We all face battles in life. Some of those battles are serious conflicts waged against enemies like illness, depression, and anger. Some of those battles are against the life annoyances that cause us to stumble along the way (Really? Someone left the lid off the toothpaste again?). Whatever the case, we need to be ready - we will face battles.

We would all do well to know how to deal with the battles before they come. David faced numerous battles throughout his life. Some he won; in some he was not so victorious. The reasons for his victories, and his defeats, are important for everyone to understand. Over the next few weeks, we will survey some of the battles in David's life and discover how God can win the victory in our life.

First, we will look at how we, like David, can find victory through the word of God (1 Samuel 24:12-15).

See you Sunday!

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