Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Game of Life

I was never very good at the Game of Life. The board game invites you to choose a career, buy insurance, lose money in the stock market - all the fun and exciting things life brings our way. For me, I could never figure out how to make the right choices. As you move your car load of kids around the board, spaces offer choices of which path to follow, how much money to spend, all while hoping to make it to the next payday. The game ends with a final choice - move into retirement and hope you have enough money or take one final spin with the chance to win it all and become a millionaire or park your car for the rest of the game in bankruptcy.

You can guess where my car load of kids ended up.

Choices are part of life. We've all made our share of bad ones. Join us this week as we find out how God gives us tools to spot bad choices in life, and the grace to win even when we don't, a lesson learned from the life of Saul (1 Samuel 28).

See you Sunday!

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