Tuesday, May 3, 2016

To Be or not To Be

Recently while reading the Bible, a simple two-letter word jumped out at me. The word was, 'be.' The verse was Joshua 1:9, and it states, "BE strong and courageous..." It involves action on our part. God will provide strength and courage, but then we must BE those things. Dictionary.com defines the word as to exist or live, to continue, or to occupy a position. However, the verse doesn't stop there....God also will 'be.' The second half of the verse states,' The Lord, your God WILL BE with you wherever you go.' God is a God of action.

That led me to ponder how very many verbs are given to us throughout the Bible...we are to tell, do, wait, go, pray, love, repent, hear, sing, worship, trust, hear...and the list goes on. In the performance world, 'action' is the direction issued after other things are in place...the sound is keyed, the set is in place, the lines have been given, and so on. We can trust that when God, our director, calls, 'action,' He has put things into place and the call is for us to move/to be/to take the action He has commanded. 

I noticed, too, all the actions the Bible tells us that God takes..He loves, forgives, provides, saves, hears, upholds, intercedes, creates, gives, and HIS list goes on and on. We need to be ready to listen and to DO as He directs. 

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