Thursday, July 28, 2016

All in the Timing

One year in our elementary choir, at our annual concert, I had a starring role. In truth, "starring role" would be in the eye of the beholder, but as far as I was concerned, the entire production depended on me. At one point, in our big finale, I had been assigned the task of playing the triangle. For those of you who missed out on elementary choir, a triangle is a one note instrument shaped like, amazingly enough, a triangle. Basically, it is an instrument anyone can play. The only requirement is to hit the triangle at the correct time in the song.

I had carefully studied my performance. I knew exactly when my note was supposed to appear in the song. As the time approached, a readied myself, triangle and stick in hand. The time came, my triangle note rang out, and the audience went crazy. I think they were actually applauding the fact that the concert was finally over, but in my mind, it was my excellent one note performance that made the entire event a success.

It's all in the timing. Jesus explained a simple truth about timing when it comes to serving the Savior (John 12:35). Join us this week as we learn the time is now.

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