Thursday, July 7, 2016

Perfume Lessons

My mother gave me a lesson in perfume. Technically, I taught myself the lesson, but she reinforced it. I wanted to surprise my mother by making her room smell nice. I knew she liked perfume, so I found all her perfume bottles and "scented" her entire bedroom. It smelled like the perfume aisle of Macy's, if they poured out all the perfume bottles at once. Upon discovering my gift, my mother explained to me that: 1) Perfume was too expensive to use all over a room; 2) I shouldn't be getting into her stuff without permission: and 3) My dad was not looking forward to all his business suits smelling like Channel No. 5.

Perfume has always been expensive, but it was a truly rare commodity in the New Testament day, which makes the gift recorded in John 12:1-8 even more amazing. Join us this Sunday when we learn what it means to understand God's great gift.

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