Monday, July 3, 2017

The Best Teacher there will ever be

Backpack Giveaway registration has begun at our church. Long gone are the days where you just needed two #2 pencils and a pad of paper. Today's list vary from grade to grade, and even from school to school. Sometimes, getting the list still doesn't solve your dilemma. "A package of markers"--which colors--broad or skinny--what SIZE package? Gum eraser, beveled eraser, pink eraser.... Composition and spiral notebooks in specific colors... Folders WITH pockets, WITHOUT pockets, with brads, three-hole punched just goes on and on. The tools of learning sure have changed.

Thankfully, learning from God has not. It requires only an open, humble heart and being willing to take time and really listen. Lots of tools can help--certainly reading and studying His word, sharing in small groups at church, accessing study helps, but most of all, just ASKING Him. He longs to show us more of Himself, and to lead us in the correct ways to protect us. Unlike worldly education, we are to be lifelong learners of Christ. No matter how long we live, we will not learn it all, but what a blessing to have so many riches right at our disposal. School should always be IN for Christians!

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