Monday, September 21, 2009

A VBS Legacy

My son and I had such a good time together when we attended a concert given by another local Baptist church in town. The man who writes the music for Lifeway's VBS curriculum, Jeff Slaughter, came and performed a family-friendly concert.

We laughed & sang as we relived some of the past VBS songs like the "Wiki Wiki" song from Outrigger Island ("it isn't tricky"). Jeff involved the kids by asking them to come up on stage with him and demonstrate the motions to the songs. As the kids performed with him I realized that it didn't matter what church they had attended for VBS, they all knew the songs and the motions and were performing them in unison.

I thought back during the concert with Jeff to our own church's VBS Family Night where the children perform their songs in concert for their friends and family. This year it was awesome to have all those children up on stage together singing a song titled Because. This particular song has a very compelling message that sends tears to my eyes every time I hear it! When I recall the children standing on stage and singing with their arms outstretched, it makes me very thankful that God has gifted Jeff Slaughter with the ability to sing and create music!

This is even more incredible when I learned that night from Jeff that his great-grandfather was an atheist. Jeff's mother was the first one in her family to become a Christian. God has inspired Jeff to create music that is used in VBS, which continues to be a vital evangelistic ministry that reaches children with the love of God.
God is so amazing!!

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