Monday, September 14, 2009

We're Family

I answered the phone the other day and it was my cousin. I have several dozen cousins in my family, but if you’ve heard me preach about adventures with my cousin - this is the guy. It’s amazing we both survived childhood.

We now live in different states, so it was the first time I had spoken to him in several years, but it was almost like we were kids again. We caught up on each other’s families, on life in general, and a few stories from “the good ‘ol days.” It’s nice to have those folks that, even when separated by miles and years, you’re still “family.” Lasting relationships are vital in life.

That’s the idea behind small groups. This week, we are starting several new small groups throughout the week meeting in various locations around the community. They will meet in homes, in meeting rooms, in apartments; they will include men, women, and students; they will all have the same purpose - to connect with God and with people. For information, see the September newsletter, or call the church office at 833-4111. We will also continue to have our exciting small groups on Sunday; you probably know them as Sunday School classes! Find a small group this week and get connected to a “family of faith.” The relationships will be vital for you, too!

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