Thursday, June 11, 2015


As so often is the case, God uses the lessons for the kids to reach ME, too. This year's Bible School theme was "Journey off the Map." How many times do we have our days, weeks, our very lives all planned out, and even have a map in our minds of how we will get there. THEN we ask God to guide us. But, God calls us to follow HIS path and HIS plan for our lives...and it may be off 'our' map.

Sometimes we balk when God tries to adjust our steps, when instead we should be oh, so grateful. He is the ultimate guide, He sees up ahead that we cannot see and He sees where our planned steps will take us. It might even be a good route, with great things along the way. But HIS plan is the BEST route, with only the best learning experiences along the way, steps that will lead us closer to Him.

So, I hope this theme sticks in my mind, as well as the motto and verse....THIS is the way, walk in it. I pray I will listen to the voice of my guide, and I will remember that I know my guide, and so I need to trust and follow Him.

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