Thursday, June 9, 2016

Best Seat in the House

One of the best parts of being pastor is that I get the best seat in the house every Sunday morning. While everyone in the congregation is looking at me (please accept my apologies for the green tie), I get to look at everyone in the congregation. I have seen it all, from an elderly deacon chasing a duckling down the church aisle (yes, you read that correctly), to a child ducking under a pew to escape mom's grasp (excellent downfield technique; I think he's a running back now), to the occasional "Sunday Morning Siesta" pose (head back, open mouth). The great thing about it is the variety of people who gather for worship each Sunday. It's a blast praising God!

David knew well the enthusiasm of worshiping the Lord. Even when some others around him did not get it, he could not wait to give praise to God (2 Samuel 6:21-22). Join us this Sunday as we learn the priority of worship.

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