Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Reese's peanut butter cups were created by a man who was struggling to support his growing family. After working sometime on a dairy farm run by the man who owned the Hershey Chocolate Company, he became inspired to create his own chocolates in his basement, as a means of providing a little extra money for his family. Initially, the two didn't seem to go together at all. Why would PEANUT BUTTER be put in chocolate? But of course the rest of the story is that enormous growth came out of that pairing.

Sometimes when trials come, we think there must be some mistake. This doesn't go together. We're a Christian, shouldn't our path be smooth? Why are we hurting, when we're striving to live a Godly life. Has God forgotten us? Isn't He noticing??

But eventually, we can see in the rear view mirror that what God ALLOWED in our lives, combined with our trust in Him and His perfect will, created growth and more than we even could've dreamed. God never has a mismatch.

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