Wednesday, June 15, 2016

When the Answer is No

I had a lifelong dream of being in the Olympic games. Well, lifelong until I was twelve. That's when I tried out for the junior high track team. I wanted to run the hurdles, so the day came for the coach to pick hurdlers. Ten seventh graders lined up to run down the track hurdling to the best of our ability, with our coach timing each of us individually.

At the end of my tryout, the coach pulled me aside and told me, "You have great form going over the hurdles. If only you could run between them a little faster...." Apparently the actual time it took me to get to the finish line was more important than how I looked going over each hurdle.

I didn't make the team. My Olympic dreams dashed, I thought my life was over. Fortunately, our life is not determined by our success or failure in the seventh grade. God was still good, even though the only gold medal I would ever win was the participation medal I got in Cub Scouts.

God told David he would not fulfill his life dream of building the temple. It was not, however, a defeat in David's life. This week, we will learn how to win by saying yes when God says no (2 Samuel 7:25-26).

See you Sunday!

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