Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hopeful Instruction

Getting a drivers license is one of those rites of passage that make your fifteenth year seem to last about twenty months. I thought my sixteenth birthday would never come. It did, of course, and when it did I was ready. I had taken my driver's education class, practiced driving dutifully with my white-knuckled parents, and studied the driver's handbook from cover to cover. I knew how far it took to stop an 18-wheeler, the requirements for driving a school bus, and the correct lane location for a motorcycle - not that I was going to drive any of those things, but it was in the handbook, so I knew it. Nothing was going to stop me from a lifetime of standing in line at the DMV.

In Exodus 12, the nation of Israel was still a long way from the promised land. In fact, they hadn't even left Egypt. Still, God prepares them for a celebration they would teach to their children and grandchildren that would remind them of God's fulfilled promise. Join us this week as we discover in the description of Passover found in Exodus 12:24-28 a reminder that we can live in the promise of God, even when we cannot yet see its fulfillment.

See You Sunday!

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