Thursday, May 4, 2017

Open Doors

We stopped to get gas in Arlington, Texas. The first gas station where we stopped was open, but did not have any gas. They were doing some construction that had forced them to shut down their gas pumps. The convenience store was open, but they had no fuel.

Realizing the car would not run on potato chips and beef jerky, we went down the road to the next station. The windows were dark, with iron bars covering not only the windows but the doors. From the road it not only looked closed for the day, it looked permanently shut down. On closer inspection, however, it actually was open - it just wasn't the best neighborhood. Not seeing another station close by, I stopped and filled the car - very quickly.

Paul was serving Christ in Ephesus, and having a terrible time. Everywhere he went he ran into opposition. Yet he writes the Corinthian believers about how excited he was to stay with the ministry in Ephesus, realizing that, despite the difficulty, God had opened a great door in the city (1 Corinthians 16:8-9). This week, join us as we learn how God opens doors even in difficult circumstances.

See you Sunday!

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