Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dad's Boots

I remember the day my dad let me borrow his boots. After finishing a golf tournament I was wearing golf shoes with metal spikes, but needed to go to an awards dinner. My dad had his boots in the trunk, so he let me borrow them. I was in the eighth grade. My feet were in the twelfth grade. I looked like a pencil wearing swim fins. On this particular day, however, big feet were an advantage. Dad's boots actually fit. Even though my award was basically only a participation medal, at least I could walk up to the podium in style.

This week's message is from 2 Kings 2, the account of Elisha taking up the mantle of Elijah. It was more than just a coat. Elisha was stepping into the ministry of proclaiming the word of God to His people. The question for us is, are we ready to take up the mantle?

Hope to see you Sunday!

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