Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lessons from the forecast

I listened to the weather forecast and groaned....there it was again....rain, flooding, saturated. The radar map was once again bright colors of red and yellow, with more moving our way, they said. I thought of our yard, which may soon need a sickle for me to keep up, I see my flowers bent over from another soaking, and I ponder the errands I must run in the pouring rain.

And then.....I hear the birds chirping....I see the most beautiful cardinal hoping around, collecting the wonderful worms the rain has caused to surface. I see the hummingbird going from flower to flower because that's what he was created to do. I doubt that either the cardinal nor the hummingbird complained before they started out about how their beautiful wings would get all wet or their feet would get muddy. And last, it occurred to me....didn't the forecaster also mention highs in the 70's instead of the 90's? What a blessing THAT is!

I bowed my head in humility. How many times when the rains of life come, such as sickness, conflict, or even just the inconveniences and interruptions that come up, do I groan and think, "not AGAIN!" I complain that it interferes with my plans, that it's 'unfair' or question. Instead, I should be thinking of all the blessings that come out of rain...friends who comfort, growth (if I allow it), and most of all, a God who faithfully PROMISES He will be right there with me and will provide peace that passes understanding. I should still sing because of the Hope I have, and I should keep moving...just like the hummingbird....just like I was created to do.

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