Thursday, July 2, 2015

Celebration Xray

This weekend includes a celebration of the beginning of our nation, which includes outdoor cookouts, swatting mosquitoes and watching fireworks light up the night sky.

It will also include the annual Fourth of July trip to the emergency room. According to the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, an average of 230 people per day go to the emergency room with fireworks related injuries during the days surrounding July 4. A few of the statistics: 74% of the injuries are suffered by males (no surprise there), 41% are to people over the age of 25 (shouldn't they know better than to try to relight that roman candle?), and 20% of the injuries are caused by firecrackers, followed closely (19%) by sparklers.

2 Kings 1 describes an injury by lattice work. King Ahaziah of Israel fell through one (perhaps while lighting his last bottle rocket). What he does after his injury is a lesson to all reminding us to focus on the one true God.

Hope to see you Sunday!


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